Who We Are

Aumeka Organica is our small endeavor based upon ancestral practices in providing consumers with the best, pure and fresh food products filled with organic and nutritious values. We believe in healthy practices that our ancestors adopted- free of hydrogenated and adulterated food for a healthy lifestyle.

Our Products

Aumeka offers to supply products that are produced with the Vedic age practice, such as hand grind, cold-pressed oil, chemical-free, 100% natural or low-processed super food products including 20+ organic atta variety and other products like ashwaganda, moringa powder, goat milk etc.

How We Work

Our ideology is built on the concepts of organic and Vedic age practices. We believe in practicing ancestral methodology in producing 100% organic food using more natural and healthy substances. We are making an effort towards an agro-ecosystem that gifts humans a healthy life that sustains FOREVER!

Stay Nature Blessed

Highest Quality


Produce 100% real and handmade products

No preservatives and agents

Eating natural takes you a step closer to Nature.

Produced Ethically

Produced just like your Dadi-Nani would.

Made with Passion

Nutritious and Healthy food curated with love and passion.

Alway Fresh

We deserve Fresh. We produce Fresh. We deliver Fresh.


Healthy food gifts sustainable healthy life.