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Today, there is a lot of talk on natural and organic products.

But Most of today’s organic brands use modern machinery and technology which strips most of the values from natural raw materials.

So Are you really getting organic products?

  • We call our self as Organic+ and we’re also so much more.
  • We believe that our ancestral practices is the secret ingredient.
  • We at Aumeka, take great pride in using our ancestral practices to process natural, organic materials for a true natural and organic raw material with most of it’s values intact.
  • We have developed a unique process which retains all the goodness of their raw material without changing it into something else or destroying its value.
  • We are only brand in india who is pioneering in cold pressed Flour and provide most fresh flour.
  • Aumeka as a brand is reinventing ancient forgotten yet revolutionary practices.

The difference between organic and non-organic (conventional) products has to do with the manufacturing process. When it comes to organic product farming, less pesticide is used, which means less poison in the environment. Also, less fertilisers are used, which means less polluted runoff that prevents rivers and oceans from getting contaminated.

The completeness and integrity of living systems is defined as health. Aumeka is an initiative by us with a concept that nature should not suffer for humans, who crave and pursuit of progress, and Aumeka works to promote a healthy lifestyle with a healthy practice of growing food. We do our part for Mother Nature, by making just one right change in life, so everyone else can do their bit.

As we work on ZERO wastage policy hence We do not hold stock in order to serve fresh organics directly from the farm. We customize and procure your order directly from the farm which reduces the cost of the products.

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Aumeka does not save any of your transaction data/information. The only thing Aumka receives is a transaction ID against your Order, as confirmation that payment has been received.

Aumeka provides nationwide shipping. You have to enter your pin-code on the product page (you don’t have to enter it every single time) to know whether the product can be delivered to your location.

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We believe health should always have importance over convenience and luxury. We are a group of people with an aim to serve freshness of flour at your doorstep. We don’t grind flour in a huge volume and store it in a warehouse hence we can’t deliver the product in one day.


We are committed to Organic and fresh flour hence we only grind flour once your order is placed and then deliver fresh flour to your doorstep. It can take 2-5 days in normal circumstances and we think it’s worth the wait.

Commercial milling processes with their desire for higher production and increased profitability have led to stripping the grain of their essential nutrients, something that the traditional cold-pressed stone grinding process never did.

commercial mills / chakki, as they all run at high speed, producing hot flour, in which the majority of nutrients are oxidized, depleted, or destroyed.


On the other hand ,Cold-pressed flour is beneficial in many ways. Take a look at a few of them:

  • Cold-pressed grinding ensures that the stones are used to slowly grind the grain, ensuring that the temperature does not shoot up too high.
  • Cold-pressed stone-milled flour is more nutritious because in the grinding process the flour stays cool keeping nutrients intact.
  • Cold pressed grinding uses Natural Stone. Natural stone is the same stone that our forefathers used in their original hand Chakkis.

know more about cold pressed flour.

As kids’ and teens’ digestion and nutrition requirements are different from older ones and organic foods are grown or processed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Children’s bodies are growing at a faster rate than adults’, making them more vulnerable to changes in nutrition and exposure to the environment. If you are concerned about additives and pesticide exposure,organic is a good way to go. While feeding your children a healthy, whole foods diet has to be priorities always.

Please find below points why Aumeka flour is best for your kids :

1) Nutrition Bomb for kid as its Cold pressed :

Cold pressed grinding ensure Stones are used to slowly grind the wheat, ensuring that the temperature does not shoot up too high and we get cold full nutritious flour . Its like nutrition Bomb for kids

2) No chemical : Source from ethical certified farm and milled as it is with no chemical , flour enhancer ,bleach ,preservatives etc

3) Easily digestible : Kids have comparatively delicate digestion hence they need easy digestible flour to absorb more nutrient from meal.

4) Most fresh : We mill at your will , once order is placed then only we mill your flour ,so that you get most fresh in your plate.

5) Natural stone grinding : We do Natural stone grinding so no question of chemical leach into flour.

6) Whole wheat/Grain Flour : We provide whole wheat flour with bran and germ oil intact and both Bran and germ oil is most essential and nutritious part of grain.

Yes , it’s ideal for the whole family.

Whatever is good for kids is always best for the whole family but it’s not the other way around.

local atta chakki follows the same commercial technique in most unhygienic conditions.

Flour mill rotates at high speed due to which most of the nutrients are lost ,hence Aumeka’s traditional cold pressed flour is the best option.

Toxic pesticides and chemicals are used by conventional farms, which can remain on foods sold in supermarkets, whereas organic food doesn’t perform any unhealthy practices and are produced only with natural methods of farming.

There is no doubt that eating aumeka organic food reduces the amount of chemicals and toxins you consume in your everyday meal because it is free of chemicals, growth hormones, additives, colorings, and preservatives. Aumeka Organic food is also usually fresher because it is manufactured in smaller batches and delivered to you faster than regular non-organic food because it is chemical- and preservative-free.

Although no conclusive proof exists about the taste comparison between both, some people may find that organic food tastes better because organic items are fresher when produced locally.