What Type of Flours and Attas Should Children Eat? Best Flours for Children!

When it comes to creating the right meal for children, all of us try to be highly conscious about the products we use. Since a lot of the food we intake regularly consists of flour, it becomes crucial to identify the healthiest out of all, especially for children. 


At Aumeka, we make flours that are highly nutritious for children that help with their overall health and well-being. 


Here is a list of flours/atta that are highly recommended by nutritionists for children:


1)      Cold Pressed Flour


In the growing phase, children need more nutrition comparatively and thus, cold-pressed flour is the go-to ingredient. They are nutritionally much richer compared to commercial flour as it is processed at slow speed keeping flour cold and all nutrients intact. Cold-press milled flour is more nutritious because in the grinding process the flour stays cool. Slow grinding retains all nutrients, unlike commercial milling. 

The method used for this flour is the traditional method that our ancestors used to procure the finest flour. Stone milling our own flour, right before we’re going to use it, is bringing back an old tradition to our baking.

At Aumeka, we provide organic, natural stone grounded, cold-pressed atta. Our flour is made using Vedic age practice, like our grandparents and ancestors used to make – hand milled using natural stone chakki (flour mill). It’s slow and cold-pressed, so all nutrients in the grain can be retained.

Check out our cold-press flour section.


2)      All Types of Grain and Multigrain




One way of increasing the nutrient value of a chapati is using multigrain flours

Also, Children should try to eat all types of grain like buckwheat, Emmer wheat, barley, corn Amarnath, Sattu, etc.

As every grain has its own benefits and we don’t want our children to miss out any.


Thus, for food like wheat, which is high in carbohydrates, replacing with multigrain flour can have the following benefits for diabetics:

  • Decreases the risk of a sudden spike in blood sugar
  • Improves digestion
  • Rich in complex carbohydrates
  • High in protein
  • Keeps the heart healthy

3)      Mighty Millets Flour


Millet is powerhouse and should be eaten regularly.  Millet aids healthy and regular digestion with 9 grams of fiber per 100-gram intake. It may also assist with diarrhea and promote a healthy gut, which can help prevent peptic ulcers and lower your risk of colon cancer. If not taken care of since the beginning, kids can get prone to such chronic diseases later in life.


Millet is high in catechins like quercetin, which helps the liver and kidneys work better. These organs are necessary for the body’s detoxification. Millet is often referred to as an ancient grain, despite the fact that it is actually a seed.


Even though millet is technically a seed, it has many of the same health benefits as other grains and may be prepared in many of the same ways. It provides several health benefits such as heart-protective properties and it is very high in nutrients.


On top of it, it even adds a unique flavor to your usual but healthy diet. In fact, millets are a powerhouse and should be eaten regularly.



4)      Whole Grains


If you’re using refined white flour in your kids’ meal, you may want to switch to something else now; something healthier. In this century, white flour has become a major part of our diets. This simple carbohydrate acts in our bodies much like white sugar–empty calories that disrupt energy levels and insulin levels and increase body fat.


You might often get confused between whole wheat and whole grain flours. To clarify, both of these have the same grain structure but the quantity of wheat or grain used for flour manufacturing determines the type it is. Whole grain is used when other grains are added to the product, such as amaranth, barley, corn, millet, quinoa, rice, rye, sorghum, teff, triticale, and even wheat. In all cases, the entire kernels of these grains are used. 


5)      Adding nuts and fruits for extra nutrition



Often, children try to stray away from nutritional foods like nuts and fruits, even though these are immensely important and healthy for them. You can opt for adding such foods to your flour for extra nutrition and flavor. From beets, squash, and broccoli to bananas, apples, and mangos—whether sweet or savory—if you can dry it and pulverize it, you can turn it into flour.


These form part of a tasty, healthy, and gluten-free diet. An added advantage of these mixed flours is that you can use them in various baking recipes and present a new way of nutrition to your kids.

Within our product range, we also offer flour mixed with almond, chia, beetroot, banana, etc. to add extra nutrition.


6)      Freshly Milled


Freshly milled flours are high in nutrition because they are not stored or packaged for a long time. Freshly milled flour is also much tastier as it is straight out of the mills and on your plates. Not only is it healthier for children to eat, but also introduces them to a new and better flavor. Avoid packaged flour that is milled and stored for months with preservatives.


Our vast product line and services also include various freshly milled flours and combinations of multiple ingredients. At Aumeka, you can place an order as per requirement and we’ll start the milling after that, thus providing the freshest stock of flour to you.



7)      Chemical Free


In this modern era, almost everything is contaminated with chemicals and enhancers to increase its visual appeal and polish it. Thus, obtaining chemical-free flours sounds impossible. But as rare as it is to find, chemical-free flour is one of the most growth-oriented food components for your children. It retains all of the nutrients, freshness, and flavor in it.



We took a step further and created a wide range of chemical-free flours which are also freshly milled. With us, you can place your order and get excellent quality flours of multiple kinds for a healthy diet.

Our brand offers you an entire product line of absolutely chemical-free and chemically non-processed flours.



Children have a comparatively delicate digestive system that needs to be provided with soft grains from which maximum nutrients can be absorbed. Refined or previously milled flours don’t have the required nutrients and qualities to fit children’s diet.



Considering this, Aumeka offers a unique ‘kids special mix flour’, specifically manufactured with contents that are beneficial for the growth of children. Along with it, you’ll find numerous fresh flours such as whole wheat flour, multigrain, maize/corn flour, almond flour, soya flour, oats flour, banana flour, beetroot flour, and many more varieties.



To lead a healthy and organic lifestyle and provide excellent quality flour to your kids, it’s high time to switch to unprocessed and chemical-free flour. In case you need more information regarding the topic, contact us.


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